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Over the years we have advised/guided/recommended transport managers in the design of bodies to marry up with their products and types of work recommending them to the model and type of vehicle, ensuring that the vehicle to be purchased is correct to carry the payloads required as well as being conscious of axle weights (from the normal payload to the oversized and overweight items) in addition to being aware of the type/area/conditions/terrain that the company may be working within and the size of goods or type of goods to be carried.

We have sourced vehicles for companies and negotiated on their behalf to obtain a good deal, be it for the vehicle or the body (specialised body or not) working in the U.K. within Europe or within the Middle East.

Cranes have proved to be difficult for many transport managers balancing the prices with the lift and various reaches to the uncertainty of which manufacturer.

We have seen some very large companies and councils lose excessive amounts of money due to the purchaser being inexperienced in some fields and in other instances not being able to obtain a second opinion.

Over the years we have had the experience and contacts for bodies and interiors for just about all types of work from the van, tipper body or luton to supplying 8 wheeler tipper bodies, articulated units, refrigeration trailers, mobile medical centres (incorporating mobile operating theatres), hospitality units, outside broadcast vehicles to supplying fuel tankers.

Nowadays, there are also many legal restraints and requirements that must be adhered to, as different operations often need extra legal requirements.

We know that we can assist in many of those difficult areas that you may have uncertainty with, we believe that we can simplify the process with our many contacts to overcome your problems.

So, welcome to our site, if you believe that we may be of service in any of the areas seen on our site, do not hesitate to contact us - we will be pleased to hear from you